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LMA Allied Membership Benefits:

For Companies that provide Products and Services to professionals working in the Green Industry.

The LMA Provides For You…

You could be an integral part of the association, it would be very hard to grow the organization without your assistance. With your membership we will provide you with an Allied Pennant, brochures and holders. The LMA would like to offer this incentive to you.

  1. When you receive your brochures, please stamp on the back middle panel of the brochures the name of your business, address etc. For every paid business membership that comes into the office from your company I will deduct $15.00 off YOUR membership for the following year. Just 20 brochures from your company and your membership is free the following year! The count then starts again. You will also receive the silk banner with each new year.
  2. When you do reach the twenty brochure mark, not only will you have the free membership but we will do an article about you and your business in the newsletter and the web site along with pictures.
  3. Companies with more than one location can display the Allied pennant for an additional $10.00 per store. This will help defray costs of the pennant, shipping etc. Each additional location must meet a 10 brochure quota in order to receive a free pennant each year.

We want to make your involvement as economical as possible and at the same time give you a chance to shine. Please don’t hesitate to call. We look forward to showcasing you as one of our Allied Member write ups in our newsletter!

Partners of LMA

For those Allied members that would like to take a step further and offer LMA Members discounts on equipment there is a special place on the website for your logo and details of your discount program. We will always be promoting this with every email we send. These emails go out to an excess of over 2400 landscape management companies!

Hurricane Irma’s Aftermath

Hurricane Irma’s high winds left thousands of toppled trees in its wake, and the recovery work related to Hurricane Harvey continues.  As employees in the tree care industry work to remove trees and debris in the recovery effort, they should be aware of the hidden dangers of downed power lines, wildlife, and the hazards of the equipment they are using.  OSHA knows safety will continue to be a priority, and we are here to help.  OSHA’s hurricanes and floods, and tree care industry online resources, and our toll free number (800-321-6742) are available 24 hours a day.

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Atlantic Coast Chapter

Any Questions or communication needed email our President:  Scott Reiter –

or Director Ty Whitney:

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UF/LMA On-Line Certification Class

2017 Registration To Be Announced Soon

Enroll in Landscape IPM: Ornamentals and Turf, and take your first steps toward getting a UF Pest Management Certificate or becoming LMA Certified! Classes to be announced soon!

A three credit/six week course will be offered starting June 2016 at the University of Florida (UF). The course is called “Landscape IPM: Ornamentals and Turf” and is course number IPM 4254. This course will be offered for UF credit and will be available for students that are enrolled at UF or for people outside UF that are interested in the material. UF will offer the course and it will be available 100% online. You must have computer and internet access to take this class. This course is for UF juniors and seniors and landscape and pest management supervisors and owners.

This course will be used as a measure for LMA Certification. The LMA will offer students who pass this class (with an A or a B) the opportunity to become LMA Certified without additional testing since they will be tested as part of the course. LMA will also provide a free membership to passing participants. In addition we offer scholarships to individuals that have passed and  have sent in their submission in to the LMA office. This course will also count towards a UF Certificate in Landscape Pest Management.

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