We Support Florida-Friendly Landscaping™

Florida Friendly LogoA Florida-friendly yard doesn’t merely offer a beautiful landscape — it also becomes an asset to the environment, protecting natural resources and preserving Florida’s unique beauty. Recognizing that the home landscape is part of a larger natural system will help in creating a Florida-friendly yard.

The University of Florida’s Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) Program provides science-based education to the public on how to create a Florida-friendly yard. The Southwest Florida Water Management District partners with the university to provide the education outreach by supporting FYN programs through county Extension offices in 11 of its 16 counties.

Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ can be considered an expansion of Xeriscape. A Florida-friendly yard goes beyond Xeriscape, which was started in Colorado, to better fit our unique geography. It includes best management practices concerning stormwater runoff and living on a waterfront.

A properly maintained Florida-friendly yard can help homeowners conserve water and reduce pollution of water resources. The Florida-friendly approach to landscaping emphasizes nine interrelated principles.

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8.Minimize Storm Water Runoff



9.Protect The Waterfront