How to execute a residential landscaping project?

How to execute a residential landscaping project?

Those who always wanted to have a beautiful garden at home need to know that, in order to idealize a residential landscaping project, it is necessary to have the help of a professional specialized in the segment.

Architects, designers and landscapers can help in the choices and in the assembly of a perfect scenery for the property, and it is fundamental to find the ideal professional for your project, since the selection of each element that will compose the place must be made seeking harmony and beauty, which are indispensable for any garden.

Contrary to what many people imagine, landscaping is not about gardening. Although they are complementary works, they are not equivalent.

While gardening is about setting up a garden and taking care of the most different species of plants, landscaping is about planning an area taking into account its particularities.

In this sense, it is possible to say that landscaping considers fundamental issues of the environment, such as the geographical element, the biotic, the hydrographic and even the human, balancing them all. It is also worth mentioning that commercial landscaping, for example, comes before gardening services, so that the maintenance of the species is done only after the area has been assembled.

Therefore, knowing these main differences between the two possibilities is fundamental to understand the importance of a residential landscaping project, reinforcing how essential it can be to value your property.

So, if you want to know more about landscaping, know tips and classic examples of decoration, follow the reading of this content and learn more about the subject.

What is landscaping?

Anyone who already has an idealized property plan will certainly look for a construction management company to make your project real. The same situation can occur with those who wish to have a well elaborated and special garden.

The landscaping project is done so that you can plan and manage an area that harmonizes nature with the use of appropriate decorative objects, transforming the place and making it possible to build a differentiated space.

The landscaping can be applied in several sectors:

  • Residential;
  • Public;
  • Urban;
  • Non-urban.

For this reason, it is possible to say that landscaping is not only concerned with the aesthetic issue of private or public environments, which is also essential in the project, but it considers specific aspects of each place where it will be applied.

The functionality of the area and its usefulness are also highly valued characteristics within a landscape planning, such as in a project of furniture planned for gourmet space, which needs to be beautiful and viable at the same time.

Precisely because of this, all the work must be conducted by a professional in the segment, who will have all the necessary subsidy to idealize the perfect space, meeting the preferences of the property owner and the best construction practices.

How to elaborate a landscaping project?

Setting up the ideal landscaping project depends on a few factors, which need to be considered in the elaboration of each planning.

In this sense, it is fundamental that the landscape designer responsible for the space follows tips that optimize the work and make the final result be what is expected by the owner of the house, as well as be included in his portfolio for the work in future projects.

Understanding the client’s needs

Any work that is done by a company, be it a residential condominium manager or an architecture office, starts with the prospection or with the coming of the client to the establishment.

This means that that person searches for a solution to his problem, so that he considers his business as an option to supply the necessity that he presents.

Therefore, the first step for a well designed landscaping project is to understand what the client needs, so that the alternatives you find can meet the expectations of that property owner.

Make a survey of the space

After listening to the client’s requests, it is essential to schedule a visit to the space in order to get to know the area and the characteristics it presents.

As in a works consultancy, it is essential to know the land, the existence of different vegetations, the incidence of sun and shade in the place, understand natural elements such as sunrise and sunset, etc.

Each one of these elements becomes a determining factor of the perfect execution of the project, because the different species that will be included in the landscaping have their peculiarities, which will determine their positioning and the necessary care.