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The primary goal of the Landscape Management Association is to promote the use of sound landscape and horticultural practices throughout the state of Florida. The membership of LMA encompasses participation from landscape professionals from every segment of the industry. Contractors, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, technical experts and many more are cooperating to insure that the landscape profession will continue to pace forward in the attainment of our goal.

The Landscape Management Association is your voice in your future. No one else speaks solely for the landscape industry. No one else fights the battles for landscape specialists. Achieving recognition as a viable, professional industry will insure control over the direction of the future and the livelihood of your chosen field. You cannot afford to be led by other trades. Your membership, your talent, your participation, is needed. We invite you to join us.


Landscape Management Association History

The Landscape Management Association (LMA) has been making a place for the dedicated maintenance professional since January 1988. Among all the groups that make up Florida’s “Green Industry”, the Landscape Maintenance segment is largest in numbers and first in revenue production. At the same time, however, the landscape maintenance industry is in need of improved education and greater professionalism. The LMA was formed to serve the educational, commercial, and political needs of maintenance professionals across the state.

From its’ beginning, the Association has made great strides in its’ Endeavour to raise industry professionalism and promote education throughout the state. The Association has established a certification program which ranges from “Best Management Practices” in horticulture to the elements needed to run a successful business. LMA coordinates numerous seminars around the state to promote the concepts of Environmental Landscape Management and Integrated Pest Management as created and supported by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

Through lobbying efforts, LMA has been instrumental in establishing new laws governing the safe and effective application of pesticides and herbicides. In conjunction with IFAS, the LMA has designed an six-hour CEU course that prepares maintenance professionals to meet the criteria for the requisite licensing.

Members organized and implemented the “Labor of Love”, a hurricane relief effort that helped over sixty residences in Homestead clean up the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew.

Hurricane Irma’s Aftermath

Hurricane Irma’s high winds left thousands of toppled trees in its wake, and the recovery work related to Hurricane Harvey continues.  As employees in the tree care industry work to remove trees and debris in the recovery effort, they should be aware of the hidden dangers of downed power lines, wildlife, and the hazards of the equipment they are using.  OSHA knows safety will continue to be a priority, and we are here to help.  OSHA’s hurricanes and floods, and tree care industry online resources, and our toll free number (800-321-6742) are available 24 hours a day.

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Atlantic Coast Chapter

Any Questions or communication needed email our President:  Scott Reiter –  flimagelandscape@aol.com

or Director Ty Whitney: twhitney@thesenagroup.com

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UF/LMA On-Line Certification Class

2017 Registration To Be Announced Soon

Enroll in Landscape IPM: Ornamentals and Turf, and take your first steps toward getting a UF Pest Management Certificate or becoming LMA Certified! Classes to be announced soon!

A three credit/six week course will be offered starting June 2016 at the University of Florida (UF). The course is called “Landscape IPM: Ornamentals and Turf” and is course number IPM 4254. This course will be offered for UF credit and will be available for students that are enrolled at UF or for people outside UF that are interested in the material. UF will offer the course and it will be available 100% online. You must have computer and internet access to take this class. This course is for UF juniors and seniors and landscape and pest management supervisors and owners.

This course will be used as a measure for LMA Certification. The LMA will offer students who pass this class (with an A or a B) the opportunity to become LMA Certified without additional testing since they will be tested as part of the course. LMA will also provide a free membership to passing participants. In addition we offer scholarships to individuals that have passed and  have sent in their submission in to the LMA office. This course will also count towards a UF Certificate in Landscape Pest Management.

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