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About Us

The style and care of our garden says a lot about us and our way of life. Don’t you think so? A poorly designed and cared garden gives a very sad image to a house, however beautiful it may be. And a well designed garden beautifies our home a lot.

There is nothing more attractive than a perfectly designed garden. To achieve this, a previous studio is necessary, in which the materials and species that we will use are decided. However, the first thing to decide is the style that the garden will have. There is a wide variety of Garden Styles.

Depending on the style your house follows, one style or another will be more appropriate in the garden. You just have to let yourself be guided by your taste and exchange ideas with your landscaper.

Zen, Japanese style

Relaxation can now be felt just by looking at this wonderful Japanese style Zen garden. In this kind of gardens Minimalism is a fact, as well as the different shapes, volumes, curves and designs that are formed through stones and Vegetation.

And is that the placement of stones of different sizes, colors and shapes, is essential in a garden of this style. You can add oriental style decoration and even a small lake with fish. If you have a large space, incorporate a sitting area to relax and have tea. Opt for furniture made of natural materials such as wood and bamboo.


It is one of the most used nowadays. The mixture of bright and striking colors for the structural elements of the garden or furniture are the most characteristic touches of the modern garden.

In this type of garden sobriety and elegance in decoration are the protagonists. The details are very important, and the spaces are designed for enjoyment and comfort. It is a balanced and very natural garden, with ample and clean looks.

Choose this design if you have a large space to install comfortable sofas, a low table for drinks and surrounding vegetation, which provides privacy.

For a luxurious look, build a small fireplace in the center of the living area and incorporate a pergola.


In this type of spaces, the majestic cactus is the protagonist, as well as the stones and sand.

One of its greatest points in favor, besides its beauty, is also its simple maintenance. Perfect for all those who don’t have time! In this style we should opt for earth tones, wood furniture and warm yellow white lighting.


Tropical gardens are generally the most common. Shady and exotic vegetation, different shades of intense green.

Palms, climbing plants, as well as species with very large leaves, are the protagonists of these gardens. Do you want to feel that you live in the Caribbean? Well, choose this style for your garden.


These gardens are usually characterized by a more informal air. Wood, stone, vegetation with a lot of color. The Mediterranean style gardens are welcoming, natural and cheerful. The ideal complement to this type of gardens is a gourmet area, where you can organize great lunches or dinners with your friends.